Reviews of Attainable Hi-Fi & Home-Theater Equipment

Reviews of Attainable Hi-Fi & Home-Theater Equipment

To Roger Kanno,

My staff and I always appreciate your continued interest in Parasound. In a recent review you grouped Parasound with other brands who source their products in China. We do not build any products in China.

Our products are designed [then] built by three specialized OEM contract manufacturers in Taiwan, one of which we’ve collaborated with continuously since 1982, the second since 1989, and the third since 2005 (I knew the factory owner when she worked at the first factory). The longevity of our factory relationships is unique in the audio business.

Here are our reasons for manufacturing products in Taiwan instead of in China:

  1. Most Chinese electronics factories offer lower prices because they are structured for high-volume production. However, for a small company being “a minnow in an ocean” is precarious and a huge disadvantage. A new audio product could be in development for several years in a Chinese factory but when they run into a problem and decide it’s too difficult and inconvenient for them to solve it they simply drop the project and leave you hanging. What was supposed to enable higher profit turns into a financial disaster.
  1. Parasound is a “big fish in a small pond.” As the largest customer of our three OEM contract manufacturers in Taiwan we have leverage. Additionally, the Taiwan engineers do whatever it takes to solve complex problems as a matter of personal responsibility and pride as well as respect and loyalty to their largest customer -- Parasound.
  1. The quality and consistency of anodized aluminum parts made in Taiwan is superior to China (and often North America). The front panel of a Parasound Halo product built in 2019 will match the front panel of a Halo product built in 2003.
  1. Taiwan is a democracy.

In addition very few of the component parts used in the manufacture of audio components are actually made in the US. Some companies that label their products “Made in USA” or do not mention any country of origin are in violation of law as well as taking advantage of the trust of their customers.

Kind regards,
Richard Schram
President & CEO
Parasound Products, Inc.

My apologies to you, Richard, and the entire team at Parasound, and thank you for taking the time to provide this clarification for us and our readers . . . Roger Kanno