Reviews of Attainable Hi-Fi & Home-Theater Equipment

Reviews of Attainable Hi-Fi & Home-Theater Equipment

To Diego Estan,

I read your review of the NHT C 3 Carbon Fiber speakers. I am looking for a bookshelf speaker for a basement home-theater setup (50% music/50% movies). I do plan to use a single or dual subwoofers. I’m trying to keep the cost of the front three speakers to around $500 per speaker or less. Seating distance is about 8-10’. I was wondering what you thought of the C 3 with a subwoofer. Would it be a good choice for front speakers crossed over around 80Hz?

United States

Thank you for reading my review. The C 3 Carbon Fiber is a sealed-cabinet design that I found exceled at delivering fast, punchy, dynamic bass. However, as a consequence of the sealed, relatively small cabinet, the C 3 didn’t have the greatest bass extension in my room. So, I think the C3 is a perfect candidate to pair up with a sub or two.

Since you stated that will you use the system 50% of the time for music, I’d urge you to seek out a good sealed sub to pair up with the NHTs. Sealed subs tend to have faster transient response, and should blend more seamlessly with the C 3s.

I’d also urge you to start with an 80Hz crossover, but not to limit yourself to this setting. Try experimenting with different crossover points. For example, in my two-channel system, the most significant bass null from my main speakers is at around 120Hz, so I cross them over to my dual subs at 125Hz, to make sure the subs cover the null. I hope that helps. . . . Diego Estan