Reviews of Attainable Hi-Fi & Home-Theater Equipment

Reviews of Attainable Hi-Fi & Home-Theater Equipment

To Kevin East,

Thanks for the review of the MartinLogan Motion system. I had been eyeing the Motion 10s at Future Shop since they started carrying them. While there on an unrelated matter, and talking to one of the salesman I knew in the audio department, I noticed them on sale: $1800 or so for the 10s, a Dynamo 500, a 6, and a pair of 2s, with the idea that I could bring them back if not satisfied. I have been playing them constantly since Sunday and it could be my imagination, but every day they sound better. I am almost at the break-in point and they seem like keepers. Acoustic guitars are as great as with anything else, and I wanted a good home system to throw my recordings on to check my mix with my studio monitors. I can't seem to find fault at all other than it would be great to have a wood grain. I do have some guilt in that I kind of hoped I would end up with a Canadian-made speaker such as Axiom or Paradigm.

From your perspective, and I know I should bring some home for an audition, but how do you think the Motion 10s stack up against the Monitor 7s? You probably get questions like that all the time. "What should I buy? What should I buy?" I teach guitar as well as do some retailing at a local music store and, after a few questions, I am happy to lead people in the right direction. My knowledge base is so much larger.

All in all, the Motions are a big improvement over my Atom v2 surround system, but, wow, that system is great bang for the buck. Also, I primarily use my setup for music. My partner and I take in more live music and listen to more music than any other people I know of, so music is primary over movies.

Thanks again. What a great site!

John Dolce

I have not heard the Monitor 7s, so I can't provide a comparison for you. As far as break-in is concerned, MartinLogan recommends 100 hours minimum -- the review samples were broken-in at the factory, so I didn't have a chance to hear them before that.

Generally, and I won't back off from the old axiom -- so to speak -- trust your ears. Trust what you hear, especially in your own environment. That said, I would also audition the Paradigms in your home, side-by-side with the MartinLogans if that's possible. It's the only way you'll get to a comparison that you can hear.

Décor is matter of taste. Sound is a matter of judgment.

Some time ago I was in the market for a new acoustic guitar, and the choice came down to a pretty nice Ibanez and a very nice Takamine (F series). The Ibanez had a punch to it the Takamine didn't, and the Takamine was quite a bit more. The salesman, a friend, said, "I know the Ibanez sounds sexy [looked sexier, too!], but the Takamine is simply a better-made guitar on too many levels." I bought the Takamine; still play it pretty much every day. Speakers are different. Sometimes you get what you pay for, and sometimes the difference in price isn't readily or even eventually apparent. That's why you trust your ears. Guitars and speakers are different.

Paradigm makes great speakers. So does MartinLogan. Go with the ones that you enjoy the most. I sent the MartinLogans back with a massive twinge of regret -- they were that good. But I have too much around here as it is, so a hard decision was a bit easier. I'm glad you like the site. We do too. Kindest regards. . . . Kevin East