Reviews of Attainable Hi-Fi & Home-Theater Equipment

Reviews of Attainable Hi-Fi & Home-Theater Equipment

To Jeff Fritz,

At the outset I wanted to say I appreciate your article on the Aperion Audio Verus Grand Towers.

I was in the process of building up a good system for my room and I have been looking to buy a good pair of speakers costing around $1500 USD. After one month of research on the Internet I now have shortlisted the Salk SongTower QWTs and Aperion Audio Verus Grand Towers. After reading reviews on both the speakers, I stand more confused.

Assuming that you've heard both the speakers, I'm putting forward a request to help me choose one of them. I am going to run them with a Harman/Kardon AVR 7550HD in a room that is about 14' x 22' (acoustically not treated) and although I am more of a music person, I do plan to build up an HT setup later. Could you suggest for me a good comparison study on the Internet that I can go through and make up my mind because being in India I cannot audition any of these and Internet research is the only thing I am going to base my decision on?

I know both the speakers stand very close and it all boils down to personal taste; it would be great to have your opinion on which, out of the two, you would you prefer to buy for yourself. It would mean a lot to me.

Looking forward to it.


I have not heard the Salks but I did look at them online just now. They look like they might be fine loudspeakers and I like the fact that they show some measurements. But even without hearing them I'd still lean toward the Aperions, and here's why: from a drive-unit standpoint, the Aperion is a much more robust design. It is a full three-way loudspeaker with five drivers. The Salk is a two-way design with three drivers. Now, admittedly, that doesn’t make one speaker automatically better than the other, but in this case I'd say that, since you might get into home theater at some point, having greater power handling and the lower distortion that can sometimes come from more drivers, is a good idea. I also know that Aperion now builds their own tweeter, and that is an advantage because it is ideally suited to the Verus Grand Tower. I'm just not sure about the Salks. Lastly, I've only heard good things about Aperion's customer service. I have no idea how Salk's is. I'd go with Aperion speakers. . . . Jeff Fritz