Reviews of Attainable Hi-Fi & Home-Theater Equipment

Reviews of Attainable Hi-Fi & Home-Theater Equipment

To Hans Wetzel,

I have bugged you before about Musical Fidelity's M6 500i integrated amplifier, but I have given serious consideration to switching integrated components. I would like to ask you about the Wadia Intuition 01 and the Devialet 250, and the benefits into the two speakers I have on my short list and if this is a good way to go. I have Wilson Audio's Sophia 3 or Sasha as one choice, and Revel's Ultima Studio2 as the other choice. Will the power delivered by these two products make these speakers sing?

Thank you, Hans.

Sean Spong

I can't imagine you going wrong with either the Wadia Intuition 01 or Devialet 250. Both should have more than enough power to drive the Revel Studio2 or either of the Wilsons. In fact, you could probably get away with the Devialet 200 -- unless you're listening at obscenely high volumes, I doubt you'll need the extra 50Wpc.

I think you'll find the Intuition sounds more like the Musical Fidelity than the Devialet does. In either event, I believe the two integrated amplifier-DACs will be a step up in resolving ability and transparency from the M6 500i, despite how much I like that monster of an amp. I'd audition both options before pulling the trigger, however, as each has a distinctive sound. . . . Hans Wetzel