Reviews of Attainable Hi-Fi & Home-Theater Equipment

Reviews of Attainable Hi-Fi & Home-Theater Equipment

To Hans Wetzel,

Thanks for the review of the NuPrime IDA-16. I would like to know more about the comparison with the Wyred 4 Sound in the conclusion. Is it a comparison with the W4S DAC-2, DAC-2 DSD, or DAC-2 DSDse? I´m thinking of buying the W4S DAC-2 DSDse, but it will be a little cheaper to buy the IDA-16, because I then can sell my Lyngdorf SDA 2175. It is so important for me how good the DAC in the IDA-16 is. Thank you very much.

Steen Boye Pedersen

Vince Hanada's review of the IDA-16 left me quite intrigued: DSD capable; 200Wpc (into 8 ohms); an attractive, slender profile . . . delicious. In looking back at what Vince wrote in the conclusion, I can only conclude that Vince was referring to the Wyred 4 Sound  mINT, as it is the only current integrated amplifier-DAC in Wyred 4 Sound’s lineup.

As far as deciding between the DAC-2 DSDse and the IDA-16, it is worth noting that the former is a pure digital-to-analog converter, while the latter is an integrated amplifier-DAC. The IDA-16 does have an optical output, as well as pre outs, for what it’s worth. Having not heard either of the products in person, I can't tell you which is the better DAC, especially since each uses the same Sabre ESS9018 chipset.

On the flexibility front, choosing between the two is a no-brainer -- grab the NuPrime. You would save money, as you suggest, while also getting a complete one-box system that Vince thought very highly of. Considering I use NuForce’s (NuPrime’s progenitor) $549 DDA-100 integrated amplifier-DAC on a daily basis for my desktop system and continue to be impressed with its sound quality, I can only imagine what almost $2000 more will get you. If you're that unsure, it looks like you might be able to take a DAC-2 DSDse on trial from Wyred 4 Sound. Good luck! . . . Hans Wetzel